Going into the spring quarter of my fourth year, I have to take a freshman level class. This requires use of a device known as an iclicker, a feedback tool used in larger lectures. My initial problem is my Remote ID is unreadable (there are meant to be 8 characters beneath the barcode):

iclicker back

I last used this in fall of my freshman year. Somewhere between Fall of 2009 and Spring of 2013, iclicker lost my profile information and I was unable to recover it using their Lookup Tool.

To solve this, I thought, “Hey! Why not use the barcode?”. I found a barcode reader app that reads the raw data that the barcode encodes. My choice: “Barcode Scanner” by ZXing Team. Initially, however, it is unable to read the botched barcode.

I next use GIMP to do a nice redraw of the barcode itself:

iclicker on GIMP

I use the app and voila, the ID is spit out to me:

Barcode Scanner screenshot of barcode

There truly is an app for everything.